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Jun Jiu Ling (2021) Episode 27

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Jun Jiu Ling (2021)
Chu Jiu Ling (daughter of former emperor) discovered that the person who killed her father was her uncle (the current Emperor). On her wedding day, she was trying to kill the emperor for revenge, but she was captured and put in the prison. Jun Zhen Zhen, her best friend, sacrificed her life to save Chu Jiu Ling and with the help of Jun Zhen Zhen’s father, physician Jun Ying Wen, Chu Jiu Ling returned with a new identity as Jun Zhen Zhen. Chu Jiu Ling then returned to Jun Zhen Zhen’s family house, Fang family, and slowly gained the trust and love from the Fang Family. Having an outstanding medical skill, Chu Jiu Ling made her way to become a beloved physician in the capital and changed her name to Jun Jiu Ling. After managing to integrate with royalty, she set out to unravel the corruptions behind the political court and eventually discovered the truth behind her father’s murder. In her journey to bring justice to her father, she was involved in complicated relationships with three gentlemen – Zhu Zan, her childhood crush; Ning Yun Zhao, the nobleman betrothed to her best friend Jun Zhen Zhen; and Lu Yun Qi, the Imperial Guard she married during her murder attempt of the emperor.
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