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Shiroi Dakuryu (2021) Episode 6

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Shiroi Dakuryu (2021)

Shiroi Dakuryu (2021)

Kazuki Yoshinami is a pharmaceutical researcher at a university. His friend Wataru Kashiwagi is also a pharmaceutical researcher at the same university. They are rivals, but talk to each other about their dreams. One day, Kazuki Yoshinami has a groundbreaking discovery. This leads to Kazuki Yoshinami and Wataru Kashiwagi becoming involved in a competition among companies over patents. Newspaper reporter Tomoko Kawahara, who is Kazuki Yoshinami’s childhood friend, becomes aware of this. (Source: AsianWiki)
White Muddy Stream
Rating 8.4
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Aug 22, 2021 - Oct 10, 2021 Duration: 49 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 8 Director: , Casts: , , , , ,


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